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“Time to change”

We are in lockdown since 23rd of March due to Corona.
Shops are open but for a limited time . Malls, restaurants, educational institutes are still in quarantine…
During this period we learnt a lot .All of us tried to keep ourselves busy by doing new things. Few of us became chefs, few have started writing, meditating, exercising ,singing and dancing… Everybody is trying to explore themselves. Men are helping in household chores but few are still lying on beds and sofas doing nothing and some very intelligent people are roaming out without any reason ,without thinking that this pandemic is very dangerous .These people think “let it be “. Governments , doctors , sanitization n police departments are working 24/7 .
Still few people are there to complain complain and only complain these people don’t appreciate even d homemakers who are working for their well being day and night … Why don’t they think that in this decisive situation we should help each other n stay bonded .We have to fight together for our survival ….
Cooking fancy dishes,making tik tok videos , watching Netflix and cribbing will not help us to come over the pandemic… This is the time to change ourselves and our country…. After this lockdown we must start other ones like we should try to lockdown are unnecessary wishes and demands ,avoidable travel ,worthless nagging ,useless hatred and redundant betrayal. If we want to help our nation we should peer support …

We should restrict our chase getting on for d sky… This won’t lead us anywhere except depression ,sorrow and dejection.
We lived a very simple n contended life behind closed doors , caring for our family members, caring for close ones ,can’t we live like that in future ??
We need slight food to survive ,we need a petite space to live and we need a little to thrive…
God imbued that he’s the only power
we are nobody…

“”Think what we have to give ,
Let’s make this world to live “”

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A homemaker exploring herself!!

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