I have been thinking for a long time that everyone’s life is changing nowadays due to this pandemic.Some people are exasperated and few are contended. It’s up to us how we see ‘CHANGE’ Let me exhibit the change through a story……..

Once upon a time there was a box ‘Buddhuwho was considered worthless by everyone. Nobody liked him. He lived in a corner. Elders watched news where as kids gathered in front of him on weekends to watch ‘Chitrahaar’.

Time changed new friends came into existence ZEE, SONY,STAR and many more. He started growing. People started liking “Buddhu”. Kids wanted to be with him willing to create fantasies. He was becoming everyone’s centre of attraction. Suddenly a lady named ‘Ekta Kapoor ‘ visited him and gave him ‘variations’.

Now everybody want to be with him all the time. In his sorrows people weped and in his Joy they felt delighted. As said by ‘Frank Lloyd wright

“TV is a chewing gum for eyes”

Few people don’t like him. After couple of years The millennium megastar ‘Shri Amitabh bachchan’visited him metaphorically transforming him into a STAR. Many celebrities wanted his tie up but his busy schedule kept the stars away from working with him. He was not treated as a ‘Buddhu‘ anymore. He changed to SMART . Still a group of people hate him but as they say every loved person has haters too. ‘Andy Warhol ‘ once said,

“They always say time changes”

This happened in March 2020, the group of people who were always against ‘Buddhu‘ also changed as history repeats itself and there came ‘Shri Ram‘who visited him in this pandemic and everybody was charmed with their collaboration. Slowly “Shri Krishna “stepped in and the whole world was amused.

During lockdown buddhu was the only source of entertainment and he was delighted as his miniatures were in everyone’s palms. he was not an IDiot Box now, he was a “CHARMER“. …

This is the “POWER OF CHANGE”. Don’t fear change, just make it to be a positive one.

“We are smart enough to change”

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