Who am I ??

Who am I ?
I am a bird whose wings are chopped ,
I am a picture that is cropped ,
Only to satisfy others ??

Who am I ?
I am a musical note which is lost,
I am a jewel without any cost,
Only to please others ??

It can not happen now,
I will not allow,

I want to fly,
I want to enjoy,
I want to be heard,
I want to be loved….

In this vast world ,
I want a petite space,
I want solace ,
I don’t want to chase…..

I want to breathe,
Breathe in the air which is pure,
I want to know myself
The way I haven’t before……

I want to b like a sea shore,
That loves to be with its waves,
I want to explore,
I don’t want anything more……

You can never loose hope,
You just have to try,
To find the answer for
Who am I ??

Published by Beingcreative

A homemaker exploring herself!!

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