“Crunchy Uljhan”

Friends I want to tell u about my passion other than writing and that’s’ COOKING’. I love to cook a lot of cuisines in different styles with a tinch of my creativity ,but initially it was not like that as I was married at 18 and cooking was altogether a biggest fear for me. I considered it as my responsibility and started cooking without putting my heart in it until I heard a saying in Hindi ,

“जब दिल से कुछ पकता है तो दिल तक पहुंचता है और तृप्त करता है ।”

I grasped that mantra .It helped exploring a chef in me. Now cooking became my hobby and I started enjoying it.As time went by I was appreciated for my cooking skills.It made me more confident and I tried my hands on different recipes . I started mending dishes. As they say,

“The one who fixes the spoiled food is a cook”

One fine day few guests n family were on the breakfast table and my servant spoiled a simple dish “Poha”.

Though we had a lot of things to eat but to waste a huge amount of Poha was my concern and how can I serve d spoiled dish??
My chef cap tickled with an idea and I prepared a snack using that poha .After tasting it everybody started assuming the ingredients .Their normal discussion switched off to the ingredients of ‘The new snack’ as I belong to a foody family . My smile got wider n I was conteded as they relished it. Today I will share that recipe which had a vast discussion without result .
So here we go..

Ingredients ::

Cooked veg poha: one bowl
Boiled potatoes:3 to 4
Green chillies:1 to 2
Corriander leaves:5to 6
Salt:as per taste
Chilli powder:1/4th tsp
Oregano:1/4th tsp
Dry corriander powder:1/4th tsp
Oil for frying

How to cook::

Take cooked poha and grind it in the mixer, add peeled potatoes and give them a churn as well. Now take out the batter from the mixer in a bowl. Add all the spices ,chilles and coriander leaves….. Make a dough ….Now grease your palms with little oil and take a portion of the batter and roll it between your palms like a ball… After making all the balls slightly flatten them and keep it in the refrigerator for half an hour. Now take out the balls and fry Dem on medium flame.. Serve hot with tomato ketchup and mint chutney…. Enjoy your snack..
This is a recipe from a home maker. You can give it a suitable name as per your choice but I named it “CRUNCHY ULJHAN”.

“Neophyte became a Culinarian”

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A homemaker exploring herself!!

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