Everybody has a misconception that they know the meaning of trust . In common rather Google language trust means to have faith or belief in someone , but it’s not enough . To trust and being trusted has a vast meaning .Trust is like a shard of glass that once broken can’t be mend.

“The harder is to gain trust and easier is to break.”

Nowadays people build trust in accordance with their needs and choice . It is not the item mentioned in menu which can be ordered as per individuals taste n wish . If you trust somebody you have to give your hundred percent , it can’t be partial.
Trust itself state ,

T o

R ender

U rself

S heerly

T owards someone

Arjuna entrusted himself to Shri Krishna because he knew that he (Shri Krishna )won’t let him go the wrong way, this is ‘TRUST’.
In today’s scenario the most trustworthy relation is shared between a doctor and a patient who surrender himself completely with a belief that his saviour will not let him down .
As they say ,

“Whether it’s friendship or relationship all bonds are built on trust without it you have nothing . “

Trust is a fundamental to life . Relationships can’t last without trust . One needs to trust family , friends and people around you who are important . Life without trust would be life without oxygen .
It doesn’t imply that you blindly trust someone , you have to be careful and once trusted it’s done forever .

“Breaking someone’s trust is like crumpling a perfect piece of paper .You can smooth it over but it is never going to be the same again .”

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