” Attitude “

According to ‘ Gordon Allport ‘ ,

” An attitude is a mental and neutral state of readiness organised through experience , exerting a directive or dynamic influence upon the individuals response to all objects and situations with which it is related . “

In simple words ,

‘ Attitude means the way to think and behave .’

If you believe in yourself and you are confident enough it shows in your attitude. As they say,

“Your attitude is important because Your behaviour radiates how you feel”

There is a sheer difference between attitude and arrogance. One has to realise . Person with a positive attitude is a charmer .
Arrogance lead a person to be alone .

The way you carry yourself represents your attitude. Here I will share my experience with you all. I am a bit chubby but my friends forced me to participate in the ramp show organized by a club in which i am an active member. Initially I said 🙄🙄 ” Me as a model ? No way !! ” But my friends had a belief that I will amaze everyone. So I agreed and participated in the ramp walk . I have choreographed a couple of fashion shows so walking on ramp was not at all difficult for me . On the final day I was all decked up with a saree , jewellery and makeup. I was given my contestant number ‘ 11 ‘ , I wasn’t worried about what people will say , I enjoyed that moment fully . As you all know there are certain rules for such kind of shows and the integral one is to introduce yourself . The show started , contestants went and came back , number ‘ 11 ‘ was called when I stepped on the stage few people giggled ( you can understand why ,😛 ) but people knowing me were excited to see me walk the ramp. I walked down the ramp and one of the judge asked me to introduce myself …..I started ,

” I am Ritu Jain and I am size zero . ”

( Ladies laughed ,but I didn’t bother and continued with utmost confidence 😊 )

I made a big zero with my finger in The air ” 0 ” and repeated myself . ” I’m size zero ” 0 ” . Pluss sizes comes with pluss energy , Pluss creativity , Pluss fun and pluss entertainment and I am entertainment , entertainment and entertainment ……..”

I can still hear the applaud after my introduction . Judges were highly impressed ….I bagged The runner up position😊😊 .

( As per the static norms a plumpy model can’t be a winner 😛😛 )

Many ladies caught hold of me as i acted like a true inspiration and motivation for many of them… They appreciated me . They loved me as I changed the definition of Size Zero to Size 0 . Few were excited to click a photograph with me . My confidence and attitude pulled me through….. That is when i got to tell others the importance of ” Right Attitude ” in one’s life 🤗🤗 .

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