‘A small joy tag’

Hello Everyone,

So recently, I got tagged in “Small joy tag” by a new friend Anjali . She is an awesome writer . Despite of being young she has depth in her writing and thoughts which is truly inspirational. You can follow her blog :

The Rules of this tag are:

1) Thank the blogger who tagged you.
2) List 15 of your small joys.
3)Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy, feel free to say why!

My 15 Small Joys List :

1) When anyone shows even a small gesture of care towards me .

2) When I cook for my lovedones and i see that satisfactory smile on their faces after eating what i cooked for them.

3) When my kids expresses their love and gratitude towards me .

4) Organizing cultural events fills me with joy .

5) Singing and dancing are always a great source of joy for me.

6) Surprises from my family and friends(afterall who doesnt love surprises) fills my heart with contentment .

7) Someone’s attempt of knowing and understanding my soul and behaviour.

8) Getting ready and looking pretty gives me a moment of immense joy.

9) Hearing words of appreciation from my mother.

10) People claiming that they enjoy my company gives me a feeling of joy.

11) Reading and appreciating thoughtful and intellectual posts and writeups.

12) Unexpected phone calls and texts from my family and friends.

13) Waving small kids while driving.

14) Faith of people on me that they always seek my help when in problem.

15) Most importantly and above all presence of husband gives me a feeling of utmost joy.

There are so many little things that makes me happy and gives me joy .Life is full of happiness but we have to search for it around us . Our small and thoughtful deeds gives us joy .I will try this more often now! Thankyou dear Anjali for tagging me in this. I really enjoyed writing all this!

I want to tag a lot of bloggers but I have a limit of five so I am tagging few whose posts gives me joy while reading ,
1) Era
2)Dakshali Gupta
4)soul recitals
5)Navneet Kumar

Thank you for taking out your time to read my article. This means a lot. Follow
@ritujainbeingcreatives .com to motivate my posts .

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