” The New Normal “

Now a days ” The new normal ” is trending everywhere . This is a gift of lockdown . People are photographing with masks and sanitizers giving them the caption ” The new normal “.

Don’t you think this is normal ?

Eating home cooked pure food , keeping distance while talking , greeting everybody with namaste , limiting our travels , clung with each other in family , taking precautions , moving out when needed , feel contented with essentials not the luxuries , wholesomeness and most importantly maintaining hygiene . This is our Indian culture . Since ages we are practicing it . In recent years we abandoned it rather forgot our ancient practices .This pandemic is certainly been a bridge between today and yesterday and it’ll take us to the bright future ahead . Our younger generations are adapting these habbits conventionaly . It’s human nature that we tend to acknowledge things better through our teachers . God and Mother nature are best in that so they taught us in such a way that nobody will ever forget this lesson .

‘ George Washington Carver ‘ once said ,

” Nature is the greatest teacher and I learnt from the best when others are asleep in the still dark hours before sunrise . God tells me of the plans I am to fulfill .”

I’ll sum up saying that this is not ” The new normal ” but this is ” Normal ” as this is our Indian culture .

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