One of the most expensive and rarest thing to find today is “ A SMILE THAT IS GENUINE AND PURE ” in a world of fake emotions.

‘ Roy T Bennett ‘ once said ,

” Always find opportunity to make someone smile .”

So here I am with a scrumptious recipe to give you all a reason to smile genuinly.

Ingredients ::

1) One bowl of support .
2) A tea spoon full of joy .
3) Handful of love .
4) Pinch of care .
5) Appreciation as per taste .
6) A dash of thankfulness .
7) A Smidgen of trust .

How to prepare ::

A) Mix all the ingredients ( except the last ) with gentle hands .

B) Saute it with a little amount of laughter on a very low flame of availability .

C) Take a plate of togetherness and pour the mixture .

C) Garnish it with A Smidgen of trust .

Your perfect smile’s recipe is ready to serve to the person who stand by you in your good and bad .

Whosoever follows the recipe properly will certainly get a delightful smile from the most valuable people in your life .

Hope this recipe helps you to bring smiles on the faces of people who are near and dear to you….

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A homemaker exploring herself!!

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