” House Help “

Who are house help ?

The person who help us in performing our household chores in a better and comfortable way are house help .

Without their support our life would be a clutter . We ladies hold something for them as we know how tiring and demanding there job is but gents are sceptical about their significance . All the time our husbands say that we cosset our maids and overindulge ourselves . During the lockdown , gents stint at home doing household chores proved to be a reality check of househelp’s worth . This pandemic made us value each and every person around us and househelp are not exceptions .

They are always on their toes to serve us but do we repay them in any form other than their salary ?

We should support them emotionaly and financialy by taking good care of their needs and appreciating their craft . They are skilled to mantain our homes to make us comfortable . They don’t wish more except our respect and affection afterall they make our homes cosy to live in . They are worried for our well being like a family member and it’s our duty to treat them as one because

They are somebody’s reason to smile and relax .

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A homemaker exploring herself!!

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