Each one of us make sacrifices for our loved ones . Some are acknowledged and some are left unnoticed . It is believed that Mothers are the givers they sacrifice a lot for the kids but nobody speaks about the sacrifices made by a Father . Being a mother I understand what we go through whole our lives by giving up on each and every wish of ours for our kids . Similarly sacrifices of a Father cant be left ignored . His children are his priority . Comforting the kids with expensive clothes , shoes and gadgets is all a father does his entire life . He ignores his comfort and needs just to build a life worth living for his children . Despite working tremendously his whole life he just expects respect , love and care of his children when he grows old . A Mother nurtures children’s dreams but a father tries to fulfill them at any cost . But all his sacrifices remains unnoticed . Whenever anyone claims that Mothers are the epitome of sacrifice they should never forget the sacrifices made by a Father . I read somewhere ,

” A father’s sacrifices are like mountains “.

It’s true , we can’t imagine how high a mountain is simply by looking at it . We need to experience it in order to have an idea about its height . Similarily , father’s sacrifices can only be addressed by experiencing the pure and unconditional love of a Father .

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