” Independent Women “

Today we Indian ladies are celebrating womenhood in form of Karwachauth and no other day would be more appropriate to give my opinion on the topic “Independent Women “. Women these days are progressing and trying to build a world that is soothing for their soul.They are excelling in almost every sector.They have grown toContinue reading “” Independent Women “”


Suffocation is not only in the environment . It is deep down . We can control the environmental suffocation sooner or later but mental suffocation in other words mental stress can’t be healed easily . Everybody across the world of all the age groups are stressed . Stress levels might differ but it makes ourContinue reading ““SUFFOCATION””

” The New Normal “

Now a days ” The new normal ” is trending everywhere . This is a gift of lockdown . People are photographing with masks and sanitizers giving them the caption ” The new normal “. Don’t you think this is normal ? Eating home cooked pure food , keeping distance while talking , greeting everybodyContinue reading “” The New Normal “”


All the sufferings in this world are because of our feelings and heart’s desires . If we lead a simple and contented life with minimum resources the struggle will most likely come to an end .We have to acknowledge that happiness and serenity lies in very small gestures of kindness and support for the needyContinue reading ““DESIRE””